Who needs a BER certificate

BER Information from SEAI

A person offering a property for sale or rent on or after 9th January 2013, or their agent, shall ensure that the energy performance indicator of the current BER certificate for the building is stated in any advertisements, where such advertisements are taken relating to the sale or letting of that building. See S.I. 243 of 2012 for detailed regulatory requirements and definitions.

Prospective buyers and renters will be shown the BER rating Alphanumeric value) along with other prescribed content (dependent on the particular medium) in a prominent location in each specific advertisement.

When buildings are otherwise exempt from the requirements to have a BER, as set out in Article 4 of S.I. 243 of 2012, then the words BER Exempt should be substituted for the BER Alphanumeric in accordance with the guidelines prescribed for each specific media type.